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It’s a great alternative to lash extensions and the perfect way to enhance what you already have, whether your lashes are long, short, thick or stubborn. This treatment will create the look of longer, fuller lashes that make your eyes appear more open and youthful as well as saving time in your morning routine. So, if you’re looking for a long-lasting, low maintenance, natural looking eyelash enhancement then a lash lift is for you.

For shaping your lash lift, we have a wide selection of silicone moulds, from various top brands around the world. To create a variety of looks for different natural lash types. Providing a lift that not only looks great on week one, but also will grow out beautifully, the types we offer include:


We believe in offering market leading treatments using products of the highest quality without bias, this often means offering more than one brand for any given service. For this reason we offer a choice of LVL, Elleebana's One Shot lash lift and the Elleeplex Profusion lash & brow lamination, as well as My Lamination which includes their signature LashBrow mask treatment.

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What are the differences between the brands you offer?


NEW LVL CeraLashLift by Nouveau Lashes

The key ingredient in this new system is a vegan-friendly ceramide, CeramideBio; a synthetic version of naturally occurring ceramides and is a purer, more sustainable alternative.


Ceramides are fatty acids that naturally occur in hair as part of the cell membrane complex, which is like a glue that holds the cuticle and cortex cells together. A lack of ceramides means hair has difficulty holding onto its protein and moisture. Treating the hair with ceramides helps it to hold on to the protein and moisture it already has, keeping it strong, healthy and shiny. The signature LVL shield is best suited for lashes with a slight natural curl that are not overly thick and just need to sit higher rather than curlier along the tips.

Keratin Infusion Lash Lift

The "Original" Cysteamine HCL Formula, trusted by thousands for for No Over Processing and the Pinnacle of Service Luxury. Not Just a Lift but a treatment for the lashes and brows. The Keratin Infusion treatment rebuilds each hair with a "cocktail" of high performing peptides, biotin and hydrolyzed vegetable protein securing nourishment and hydration to the cortex of the hair. Incorporating a Keratin Serge Serum (Triple GrowthFactor Serum). Results are a hair that is 40% fuller in diameter and sealed and smoothed with Penetrable Hydrogenated Castor Oil. This system is ideal for finer or damaged lashes as its extremely gentle.

Infusion Pro

100% Vegan - is the most consistent and fastest Cysteamine HCL system on the market. The Infusion Concentrate pumps the lashes and brows full of peptides, amino acids, vitamins, and building blocks that combine to re-build a stronger and healthier lash/brow with more volume and no damage from the inside-out. One of the main key ingredients of the Concentrate liquid is Keravis™ PE a multifaceted protein based complex. Utilising peptides such as Hexa Peptide and Penta Peptide to stimulate keratin, acetyl tetra peptide-3 and red clover to anchor hair in the follicle along with biotin, pantehnol and hydrolysed pea protein a complete source of Essential amino acids. Ideal as a nourishing option for more coarse and thick lashes.

Yumi Lashes

The Original Keratin Lash Lift and one of the most well-known names internationally when it comes to lash lifting. With a huge celebrity following including Kim Kardashian. The YUMI™ Keratin Lash Lift is formulated and manufactured in France and has appeared on ITV’s This Morning.


Our Most Popular
Elleeplex Profusion + ReGEN NEXT GEN by Elleebana
Is the most gentle of all our options because it's TGA free – this means no thioglycolic acid. Instead it’s formulated with a highly evolved Cysteamine Hydrochloride formula that minimises the chance of over processing with a nourishing lash damage defence system. Incorporating Re-GEN NEXT GEN, a plant based alternative to Keratin treatments that's vegan and cruelty free. It contains antioxidants, essential fatty acids, flower extracts, bark extracts, root extracts and fruit extracts essential for optimal lash health.

One Shot by Elleebana
Is a super fast acting lash lift system that will lift even the thickest most stubborn down facing lashes with ease. It's especially effective for people with very slow growing lashes as the lift will last for up to 12 weeks.

LashBrow by My Lamination
Is a deep mask treatment that is part of the My Lamination lash lift, that will help to restore and plump the lashes with all the necessary nurturing ingredients to ensure the health of the natural lashes after having a Lash Lift.


This luxurious serum is formulated with unique ingredients including: Vitamins (A, B, C, E, F, K), 2 Pro-Vitamin (B5, B6), Enriched with 5 Natural Oils (Almond, Macadamia, Jojoba, Argan and Safflower Oils), Hydrolysed Keratin, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin. It can be added to any of the Lash Lift treatments we offer.

Further advanced trainings

To help keep standards as high as possible, continued advanced training is regularly done, to always offer the most up-to-date methods and technical expertise, including:

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Brow lamination gives the appearance of fuller eyebrows by straightening unruly or downward growing eyebrow hair, making it more easily shaped or corrected into brows that you’ll LOVE.

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What is The Lash Sandwich? It’s a two-part “sandwich” of lash treatments, starting with a lash lift and tint for length, volume and lift. Then using patented Lynk-Gel® lash technology, Teresa lightly blends in tiny fluttery lashes to add texture, balance and depth. The two parts of the treatment can either be done together in one session or up to 7 days apart.

What are the benefits of The Lash Sandwich? This treatment brings out your natural lash beauty by seamlessly enhancing rather than extending your own lashes for a completely natural look. Helping with downward facing, unruly and uneven lashes. Lasting up to 6-8 weeks.

How much maintenance does The Lash Sandwich need? 

There are a few options, It's totally up to you:


No maintenance - simply leave them to grow and shed naturally, then 6-8 weeks later have another Lash Sandwich treatment.


Low maintenance - book a lash tint 2-4 weeks later to give the lashes a deeper longer lasting colour boost to see you through the full 6-8 weeks.


If going for a fuller/ longer lash look you can have regular infills just as you would with extensions every 2-5 weeks or so.

Does The Lash Sandwich effect natural lash health? Yes. It makes them healthier! Prior to seeing me, this lady damaged her own lashes with continuous misuse of cluster lashes. See the difference in her natural lashes between the first and second Lash Sandwich treatment almost 8 weeks later.

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Training at I Love Lash

Currently we offer a dual Lash Lift Certification course with hands-on training at my Lash Bible Academy in partnership with the Lash Lift Revolution 3.0 online course - The most comprehensive online course on the market. Created by Uliana Schchepeleva aka @lashmother.uli.


To enrol and for further information visit


Relax in our private studio while bespoke 2-5D+ Volume lashes are expertly applied individually using the widest range of feather soft Silk & faux Mink sourced from around the world.


Illumino® Lynk-Gel® Lynk-Gel® device

= The Lynk-Gel® Method
Faster, Stronger, Less Red Eye

The flexible bond of the Lynk-Gel® endures stronger and longer than conventional eyelash adhesive. Its superior attachments tolerate water, oils, powerful makeup removers and eye creams.

We are one of the very first in the London to exclusively offer The Lynk-Gel® Method. A patented technique for safe & strong application of eyelash extensions using an LED device and gel adhesive.

The Lynk-Gel® device that uses a LED light to cure the special Lynk-Gel® adhesive was tested, found safe and approved by ACGIH, IEC, ANSI, ICNIRP, IES standards in 2020. 




Lash lifts are a revolutionary lash treatment that creates masses of length, volume and lift with your own natural lashes.

No mascara.

No extensions.

No maintenance.

For lower lash lifts we offer a choice of LVL and the Elleeplex Profusion Lamination system, for the ultimate eye opening look.

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