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A good LED mask can work wonders for evening out the skin tone, reducing inflammation, tightening pores and helping to calm when skin is acting up. I love to use my LED Mask with matching Bib The Light Salon for the full experience. 

For anything semi-permanent for brows such as microblading, microshading or brow correction, Nez is one of the most trusted specialists in the UK. Many of my clients go to her studio in Kensington.

My go-to Holistic Coach Lele practices the Bowen Technique, Reflexology, Massage and more. I've been seeing him for years and cannot recommend highly enough for anything from muscular issues to mental health.



often get asked for recommendations for anything from a masseuse to a coffee machine. After many requests from my clients I've provided here a list of some of my favourite places, treatments and things either experienced by me personally or recommended by my clients...

Super reliable, sleek design and with small footprint on the kitchen worktop. Complete with milk frother so you're all set for anything from espresso to cappuccino.



Gives a perfect consistent grind every time. The super fine function (for espresso) is far superior to other brands of the same level. Plus it matches my silver Delonghi Espresso machine perfectly.



I used to visit their now closed shop in Covent Garden. Thankfully their amazing coffee can be ordered online and delivered. My favourite morning coffee is their Moka D'or, for those sensitive to caffeine or for an afternoon cuppa their Mexican Mountain Water Decaffeinated Coffee tastes full-bodied and just as satisfying as my morning double espresso. If you're hardcore and need rocket fuel to get going Caffe Roma is the one for you.

These chocolate specialists make possibly the best milkshake ever (I'd imagine even better than the $5 shake in Pulp Fiction). My order of choice is a 35% Milkshake with oat or hazelnut milk, their mouthwatering process can be seen here. They're based on New Row less than 5 minutes from my studio, making it the perfect lash visit treat. But be warned they're highly addictive as many of my clients can attest. 

Skin + Me has transformed my skin since I discovered it in 2020. It's a subscription service where your skin is assessed by a dermatologist online and you're sent a personalised daily doser once a month. The doser dispenses the perfect amount of cream to apply each evening. My doser has Tretinoin, Niacimide and Azaelic Acid, that has kept hormonal breakouts at bay, shrunk my pores and brightened skin tone to the point that I rarely wear foundation.

This is self cleaning litter box is a complete game-changer for cat owners. Leaving the litter always clean for your cats to use. It also uses far less litter over time so even thought its a big initial investment, it quickly starts saving you money in the long term. My favourite litter to use with it is Tigerino clumping litter from Zooplus.

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